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Calendar Classical: Denver Composer Nathan Hall Writes Music For Months
When a composer sets out to write a set of piano preludes, there's a centuries-old blueprint for how to do it. Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin and Alexander Scriabin each wrote a set of 24 short keyboard pieces in each of 12 major and 12 minor keys.
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Musicians, other celebs react to death of Glenn Frey
"Glenn Frey and the music he created alone and with The Eagles have been such an inspiration to me. We first met at the video shoot for my version of 'Take It Easy' in 1993. He always went out of his way to acknowledge and encourage me ever since.
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Thornton Community Band brings musicians of all ages together
… they had to travel to south Denver to be in similar groups, so when the Thornton Community Band started up, the response was extreme." But it soon became something much bigger than a recreational music club when budding student musicians joined up.
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